Since 1971, The Fish Tank has been providing aquariums and aquarium services in the Daytona Beach area for over 42 Years. Started by Richard Pence We strive to meet and exceed all of our customers goals and expectations.

Tank Maintenance

Between $50-$70/hr (based on size). Includes: Cleaning of tank, glass, filters, water test, dosing and water change $1 per gallon for saltwater.

Water Change

Only $40. Includes siphoning out tank water and replacing with treated freshwater or fresh saltwater $1 per gallon for saltwater.

Tank Moving

$100/hr. Includes moving aquarium and inhabitants from one location to another. If a water change is necessary, an additional $1 per gallon will be added for saltwater.

Custom Setups

We offer a huge selection of Saltwater and Freshwater fish, live plants and corals. Call to set up a free estimate. (386) 255-2253